What is SafeFreeze?

Last updated on
December 6, 2022
SafeFreeze is a Fizz feature that helps keep you on top of your spending. We'll lock your card if you miss a daily payment and unlock it when you've made it.

SafeFreeze is yet another reason why Fizz is such a great option for college students and young adults looking to build credit and get a better handle on their personal finances. With SafeFreeze, you won’t have to worry about accidentally building up a big balance on your card, and you can spend freely knowing that we’ve got you covered if anything goes wrong.

SafeFreeze is simple. If you’ve enabled SafeFreeze (which we encourage for all our members), your Fizz card will automatically lock if you miss a daily Fizz payment. If you’ve enabled daily Autopay, SafeFreeze will kick in if an automatic payment doesn’t go through. If you don’t use daily Autopay, SafeFreeze will kick in if you don’t make a payment on a day where you have completed transactions. In both cases, SafeFreeze is designed to help keep you from overspending and spending money that you don’t have.

If you have SafeFreeze enabled, your card will lock any day you miss a payment. As soon as you make the payment, your card will unlock and you’ll be able to use it as normal.