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Fizz Ambassador Program

A unique opportunity to  launch a startup on your campus. Fizz's student debit card is changing the way college students build credit and earn rewards. Gain valuable resume building and networking experience, earn money with a lucrative affiliate program, and get access to exclusive free swag and bonuses.
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What you’ll gain

Resume building opportunity
This role offers the opportunity to develop important marketing and communication skills while building relationships for your future career – maybe even at Fizz!
Lucrative affiliate program
You’ll work with tastemakers and influencers in your community to spread the word about Fizz - and get paid to do so!
Exclusive bonuses and swag
Fizz ambassadors get exclusive access to the latest Fizz Swag, and may earn bonuses for successful performance.



Up to $30 per person who signs up with your code
Exclusive Fizz merchandise
Bonuses and rewards for high performance


Recruit your classmates to sign up for Fizz and build a stronger financial future. You'd be able to gift your classmates a $10 sign up bonus
Promote Fizz on your personal social media pages 1-2 times per week
Identify on-campus events where you can showcase Fizz by hosting engaging activities that allow your peers to experience the benefits of Fizz
Report on all activity by submitting event plans, recaps, and social media screenshots
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