Ways to cut down on expenses in college

Last updated on
December 6, 2022
It's no secret that college can be extremely expensive. That said, there are always ways to cut down on expenses so that you have more money in your pocket for the things that matter. Here's where to start.

Staying financially healthy in college can be a challenge. It’s the time in your life where you likely have the greatest gap between your disposable income and what you’d like to be able to buy. As a result, lots of students end up going into debt, living paycheck to paycheck, or making unnecessary sacrifices. But before you hit the panic button, know that there are ways for you to save money that you might not even be thinking about - yet.

1. Check for student discounts on everything

Whether we’re talking about fixed costs like your Spotify subscription and utilities or more variable expenses like online shopping and going out to eat, you should always be checking for student discounts. Plenty of subscriptions offer discounts for students, and lots of online retailers give discount codes to people with .edu email addresses. It never hurts to check, and you never know what kind of deals you’re going to find. Plus, this step doesn’t require you to change your spending habits at all.

2. Create a budget

Whether you decide to put together an excel spreadsheet or start thinking about your income and your expenses more mindfully, a budget is a great way to make your money go further. Even casually thinking about a budget for yourself can help you realize what you’re spending too much on.

3. Find ways to make extra money

Making extra cash while you’re in college might seem like a pain, but it’s worth it if you think you’re spending too much. There are usually tons of on-campus jobs reserved just for students like you. Try asking for more information at your campus career center. You can also look for employment off campus. Businesses around college campuses are always looking for part time workers, and you never know what you might find. You can also try developing a side hustle. Reselling things online and doing freelance work are both great ways to make a little extra money.

4. Make some tough decisions

At the end of the day, it’s a good idea to think hard about what you’re spending money on. If you’re paying money for subscriptions you don’t take much advantage of, why not cancel them? If you’re in the habit of shopping online once a week, try cutting that down to once every two weeks. There are always ways to cut down on your spending if you’re willing to really think about it.

5. Buy second hand whenever possible

Some things, it's worth splurging on and getting brand new. Other things, not so much. When it comes to dorm room or apartment decorations, try Facebook marketplace or Craigslist. You might be surprised at the options and the prices. There are more legit places to shop second hand, too. For clothes, check out Goodwill or sites like Poshmark to save a little extra cash.

6. Use your Fizz card

On top of everything else, getting a Fizz card is a great way to cut down on expenses. Not only is Fizz completely free for college students, we’ll also guide you to businesses where you can earn cash back when you spend. And with features like daily Autopay, sticking to a budget is easier than ever with Fizz