Missing a payment

Last updated on
November 18, 2022
When it comes to using credit, credit cards, and even your Fizz card, the last thing you want to do is miss a payment. Missed payments can have a hugely negative effect on your credit score and they can stick with you for a long time.

With a traditional credit card, you spend all month and then the card company sends you a bill. You typically have about three weeks to pay at least the minimum payment stated on that bill. If you don’t make at least that minimum payment before three weeks is up, the card company will report a missed payment - which, again, really damages your credit.

With a traditional credit card, it’s easy to miss payments. The system is confusing, dates get jumbled up, and it can be hard to know when things are due. Plus, if you miss payments or don’t pay in full, you can be on the hook for all sorts of fees and interest payments.

Fizz makes it easier for you. With a Fizz card, it’s really difficult to miss payments. With autopay enabled, we’ll do everything for you and you can build credit without lifting a finger. But even if your bank connection messes up or you miss a manual payment, Fizz won’t subject you to interest rates or fees. Instead, we’ll let you know and your Fizz card will lock until you’ve made the payment. As soon as that’s done, you can start using your Fizz card again as normal. On the off chance that your missed payment stays outstanding for 30 days, only then will a missed payment be reported. We think it’s a much more humane way of handling missed payments - because everyone makes mistakes.