Do I need to create a budget?

Last updated on
December 6, 2022
Budgeting is important, but it doesn't have to be a drag. Even just being more mindful of how you're earning and spending money can have a positive effect on your personal financial health. See how you can get started.

The short answer is yes, you should create a budget - but you don't have to do it in the way that you might be thinking. When it comes to personal financial health, budgeting is often the first thing people talk about. Unfortunately, budgeting also conjures up images of spreadsheets, calculators, and stuff that you probably aren’t itching to get acquainted with.

Creating a budget is essential when it comes to your financial health. But you don’t have to use a spreadsheet if you don’t want to. Budgeting is about being mindful of your spending habits and being aware of how much money you have at your disposal at any given time. Creating a budget can be as simple as checking your account balances on a daily basis and knowing what you’re spending and what you’re earning. We go into more detail about how to budget here.

Why budget at all?

Without even a basic mental budget, you’re more likely to end up in a position where you’re overspending and going into debt. This can cause stress and poor financial decision making, leading you to places you’d rather not go. If you take the time to create even the most basic mental budget, you’ll be setting yourself up for success.

Fizz is a huge help when it comes to budgeting. With Fizz’s daily Autopay feature, your purchases are paid off on a daily basis, so there’s not discrepancy between your bank account balance and what you owe - unlike credit cards that allow you to build up a massive balance over the course of the month, even if you don’t have the ability to pay it off.

So, whether you use spreadsheets and apps or just think more presently about your spending, budgeting is an important step in your personal financial journey.